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About Pipeline

PipeLine Brands is your street based,grass roots,brand-building  team.  We help brands better position themselves in the market through sales,marketing,events and tastings.  Our current team roster of brands includes Don Q Rum,Maker’s Mark,Montecristo,U’Luvka Vodka,Q Tonic,  EO Brands,Innis &Gunn Beers,and Charbay.  Our past clients have included Anchor Beer and Spirits,Coole Swan,Rhum Clement,Luksusowa Wodka and G’Vine Gin.  We build emerging and artisanal brands long-term as brand partners from the ground up.  Our website is here for the benefit of manufacturers,venues,and enlightened consumers alike.  Let it flow.

The PipeLine Brands Team includes Partner Brand Agents Jim Pickett,John Badalati and John Henry. Plus Ambassasdors and Operatives on the street brandbuilding as we speak. Together we have more than a combined eighty years of experience in the business.

Elevating the Artisinal
PipeLine is dedicated daily,24/7 to properly representing high-quality,emerging and artisanal Spirits,Beer,Wine and organic mixers in the marketplace. We work closely with our suppliers and directly with our customers to build strong,supportive,mutually beneficial relationships.   We bring our brands to the street with the same drive,passion and commitment as a brand owner.  Be the brand,Danny.

From the Source to the Street
Communication is the pipeline to success in any business. It flows both ways. Our mission is to channel intelligent and insightful background about the products that we represent and the people who make them—the brewers,distillers,growers,and vintners who are our brands. Whether it is the history of a centuries-old brewery,the soil composition,site and terroir of a sugar cane field or vineyard,or a cherished family recipe that goes back fourteen generations,we want you to know the whole stories—and to share these gems with your colleagues,friends,staff and clients.  Plus we bring real time expertise and deliverables back to the brands from the buyers on the street.

PipeLine does more.  In our enlightened “non-denominational”approach,we work with many distributors and help you fit all brands to your needs—even if we do not currently represent them. With our combined experiences in all facets of the business,we know how to listen and advise and we know how to build brands. Through special consumer seminars and cocktail making events,inspiring staff seminars,and guerrila marketing–to elevated in-store tastings using fresh ingredients,custom made window displays and shelf talkers,we come to the street with the kind of innovative ideas,solid execution,and brand expertise that will always trump quota-driven sales pitches and hollow short term marketing and discount campaigns. Our ability to channel the best in boutique products and industry resources to our customers every single day make PipeLine Brand Agents truly unique.  We deliver the goods. Let it flow to those who crave.

Pipeline Team

Jim Pickett


Jim Pickett is a proven brand development cowboy who brandishes a double-barreled attack of a hands-on,street level,grass-roots “Get it Done” mentality with a solid working knowledge of big-time business. A native Midwesterner,he learned the value of hard work and looking past adversity for opportunity as a teenager in the Rust Belt. His years in the restaurant business helped to get him to NYC in the early 90’s to pursue his dream of a career in Advertising. Several years of exciting professional experience included companies like Bozell,Forbes,Brooklyn Brewery,Interbrew,InBev and Eber-NDC with brands such as Merrill Lynch,American Airlines,Mass Mutual,Brooklyn Brewery,Sierra Nevada,Stella Artois,Hoegaarden,Future Brands,Macallan,Cointreau,Svedka and many more. He’s an avid fan of the underdog,laughter,muscle cars,out-of the box thinking,competitive spirit,things hand-crafted,and the “old-school”. Besides his family,nothing excites Jim more than bringing the gospel of PipeLine and its brands to consumers who passionately hunger and thirst for better.

John Badalati

John Badalati has been a competitor all his life. He is the quintessential under dog and loves to go against the big boys. This had been a distinguishing trait of his since an early age. John came to the beverage industry in a round about way;he started his career as a long distances and data salesman,going against Ma Bell,then to e commerce,going against Linux,and then into the beverage industry. After the dot com crash he quickly realized he needed to do something. He started his new career growing brands such as;Corona,Coors Light,Voss water,and Stella Artois. Again he was going after the big guns. He was off and running and was bit by the booze bug. He then went on to Eber NDC and grew these brands;Svedka,Future Brands,Remy,Macallan,and Tito’s. He now loves where he is and can’t wait to take down the mass marketers and bring the world the best the spirits industry has to offer.

John Henry


John Henry is a street toughened brand builder who has worked raising spirits like Partida Tequila,Johnny Walker and Maker’s Mark. He has served,nurtured,sold,inspired,schmoozed and even dipped booze for over a dozen years. The bicycle is his weapon of choice now as he cuts his romantic swath onto the city streets and straight into top account hearts. Look for him making an enlightened and informed brand presentation at a venue near you. Then on he rides. A West Point graduate and former Army Intelligence Officer,John is also a professional actor who has appeared on Sex and the City,Law and Order and in feature films like The Good Shepherd. His dream is to one day surf The Waiamea Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu. Meantime,to the streets with your artisanal brands in hand.